I want everyone to meet my new boyfriend, Jas. See what a nice guy he is! He is my age, and he’s white, and he’s perfect to bring home to meet the family, and he’s smart, and he’s nice, and he’s polite, and he’s witty, and he is still a virgin, and he’s in college, and someday he’s going to be a attorney, or a Doctor, or somthing. Isn’t he wonderful? So what’s my problem? Why do I want to cheat on him so? We went to a museum today, and while we were checking out the exhibit on some old country or something a big, tall black guy walked by, and I just about came right there. I sent my soon to be cuckolded sweetie on some errands while I got busy with my new toy boy. We should have been caught! With all the noise we were making!! In the end my boyfriend had a special time, and so did I, and so did my new black lover, and even though I stormed off mad, I will be seeing him again!

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