What a great guy I have. Not only does he do what I tell him to, when I tell him to do it but he also knows his place. He knows that he is a just below average white guy with a tiny dick that most of the time doesn’t even get hard and he also knows that he is lucky that I even put up with his crap.

So I get to do whatever I want. And today I want to do these black guys that I have waiting for me back at the apartment. I have never done so many guys at one time and I am sure my boyfriend has never seen me do any of the things that I plan on doing to them tonight. But I need a big cock and he can’t give it to me so tonight I will make him my cuckold and he will watch.  After I get the kind of fucking that he cannot give me I will make him use his tongue to lick my pussy clean after they are through with it. That way he will be useful for something and I really think he will like the idea after he gets used to it.

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